A Secure Safe Room to store those valuables and your Family!


We have designed data bases that can be used with your current data base or to work with a whole new one. Are you a 3pl or a 4pl that needs a custom Shipping and receiving data base that can also track your metrics. We have design such data bases for NEC America, Kid's Headquarters (KHQ), Travel Pro, Linea Pelle, Jcrew, Polo & so on
We can provide you with Custom EOD's, Inbound / Out bound Tally's, Manifests, Bill of Ladings, and what ever you need. Custom reports for cycle counts and Metrics.
We can provide you with oracle odbc drivers for Linux, Unix, Windows or Mac. We can provide a dedicated start up training program for your implementation of you new data base.

Installation of camera DVR system, wireless battery powered security system that can be viewed from your mobile phone, and of course assistant on safe rooms and fortifying your home.
A little knowledge goes a long way

As you may be aware the world is on Fire right now and you need to protect your family and what you own. Your government cannot protect you, and 911 is just a number when you have a split second

VITHA LLC was established in 2002. Daniel Vitha Opened up VITHA LLC as a home based company. Over the years established good relationships with Such companies as NEC, Kaiser Permanente, TTI, California Distributions, and so on.
We started out with 3pl and 4pl internal MDA and MDB data bases. Building on Custom data bases for direct customer by customer dba's
In 2007 ViITHA LLC opened up their first office. With the new office we had local Commercial , Industrial, and residential customers. We started on our full path of where we are today.
Customers started to ask about server's, computer repair, and Network Design. So we started the design of whole Linux, Unix, and Windows servers. Soon after we entered in to the gaming market for computer hosting and gamer computer building.
Now expanded to North East Texas.
A Secure home does not need to be in the Cloud

VITHA.US a professional Web Security, Database builder and Hosting comapnay; now offers to help you to Secure Home

• Security Cameras
• Mobile Home Viewing
• Burglar Protection
• Safe Rooms
• Grid Down Survival